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Holiday Outboards

When it comes to repairs and maintenance on outboard motors it does not pay to skimp where your families safety is concerned. We have specialist trained staff, some of whom have achieved many certificates in the service and repair of outboard motors.

Our fully equipped workshop is complete with all the specialist outboard equipment you would expect including an outboard dyno-tester.

Whether your outboard requires a routine service or a major overhaul, contact us for fast, friendly service from a team who understand your needs, as we all share your love of boating.


Remove your outboard from storage and prepare it for a season of reliable service by performing a general check and a few preventative maintenance procedures.

Examine all loosened or removed hardware. Replace damaged or missing parts with Evinrude/Johnson Genuine Parts or equivalent. Check the gearcase for leakage.

If leakage is evident, the gearcase seals should be replaced. See your Dealer.

IMPORTANT: Gearcase lubricant is thick and clear. Do not confuse this with engine oil, which may normally appear on the skeg after performing the long-term (winterization) storage procedure.


If desired, the outboard can be flushed after each use on a trailer or at dockside while it is vertical.

  • Place the outboard in an area with good drainage.
  • Connect garden hose to flushing port.
  • Turn on the water. It is not necessary to run engine for a good flushing.

IMPORTANT: The “CHECK ENGINE” OR “CHK ENG” System Check gauge light may illuminate if you are running the outboard during the flushing procedure. This is normal.

The outboard will continue to run as long as it is being supplied with water.

  • Leave the outboard in vertical position long enough to completely drain the powerhead.

IMPORTANT : If you cannot store the outboard in the recommended vertical position, be sure the cooling system is drained completely. Never place the gearcase higher than the powerhead. Any water remaining in the exhaust passages can run into cylinders and cause serious damage.

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